ActionWare Support Questionaire

Revised: 2007-04-05

Section 1 - Questions 1-6

The answers for questions 1-3 are obtained by going to an iSeries (AS/400) interactive session, entering command DSPPTF, and pressing enter. Press enter a second time for #4.

1. What version of OS/400 are you running? (eg V5R3M0)
2. What is the IPL Source? (eg ##MACH#A or ##MACH#B)
3. What is the first line of OS/400 PTF Package Info for Product 5722999? (eg TL04209 Temporarily applied)

Press enter.

4. What is the first line of PTF Package Info for Product 5722SS1? (eg TC04209 Temporarily applied)

5. Are you running a standard unmodified version of ActionWare?

What version of ActionWare are you running? To find out, enter ActionWare. Enter AW4L on a command line. Press I for the Information screen.

6. What is the version and date displayed top center (eg 6.20 09/14/2004).

Section 2 - Questions 7-11

To find these answers, navigate to the Windows Control Panel.
Double click on the System icon

7. What version of Windows are you running?
8. What Service Pack information is displayed?

Now double click on the iSeries Access icon. Record the following information.

9. iSeries Access Product (eg IBM iSeries Access for Windows)
10. iSeries Access Version (eg Version 5 Release 3 Modification level 0)
11. iSeries Access Service Pack Id (eg Service level SI17742)

Section 3 - Questions 12-14

If you are using Microsoft Word Interface, or any other ActionWare function requiring iSeries to PC communication, please answer these questions.

Determine the PCL version by launching it, then right click on the PCL icon in the System Tray (bottom right corner of the screen).

12. What PCL Version (eg Version 1.30) are you running?

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folders shown below. Note that Explorer may be configured to not show file suffixes, and you may have to click on View ---> Details to see the date and time.

13. What is the date and time of the file Wcopy.exe in the network folder i:\aw4\tm4pcf?

14. What is the date and time of the file Wcopy.exe in the user's PC Windows directory? This directory will normally be named c:\windows. For older versions of Windows, it may be named c:\winnt, or c:\win98.

Section 4 - Questions 15-17

If you are using the GUI version of ActionWare, please also answer these questions.

15. What is the version information from Help --> About?

16. Did you download GUI from our web site. If so, which exact file did you download?

17. If you are seeing a message, does the message also appear on the Host Screen (View --> Hostscreen)