Change Activity Target User

Revised: 2007-04-24

ActionWare Technical Note
AM953 - Program To Change Activity Target Users


This administrative program will change the Target user on all pending activities for a given user.  It is expected that this program will be used when an ActionWare user leaves the company and their planned TODO's for the present and future need to be moved to a new Target user.
Initial Setup
Source code for AM953 is distributed as member ZAM953 in file QMODSRC in the ActionWare base library AW4. The Source member ZAM953 must be copied and renamed to AM953 to QMODSRC in the library to be used, normally AW4L.  

Compile program AM953. Here is one suggested method.

Starting from the ActionWare main menu, select option 1 for the ActionWare tools menu. Select option 1 to work with the program members in source file QMODSRC.  Locate program AM953, enter option 14 then press F4 to prompt for paramaters. Press F10 for Additional Parameters, then page down once, locate the parameter "Type conversion options", and change the value from the default of *NONE to *DATETIME. Press enter to submit the compile.

Check that the compile was successful by either looking at the successful completion message in your message queue, or by viewing the printer spool file created by the compile.

Usage Notes
AM953 changes the target user on all pending activities for the "extisting user" to the "replacement user".

If there are any pending Followup Activities where Target & Author are required to be identical, AM953 will also adjust the Author on the activity.

AM953 does not update the Activity Archive file (ACTH), or the activity version #.

If you wish to see in advance what activities will be changed by this program, use the Pending Activity List from the General Reports Menu using *AVAIL, *END date options for the user ID to be changed.   

AM953 creates a printer log file to record the changed records.

How to run AM953

Call AM953 from the command line at the foot of the ActionWare main menu for the database containing the activities to be changed. 
It requires 2 parameters on the call command: 
(1) Existing Target User ID, and
(2) Replacement Target User ID.
The actual command to be entered is:
CALL AM953 (ExistingUserID ReplacementUserID)
To review what was changed, view or print the spool file.