ActionWare400 Technical Notes

Activity User Exit Program USR600                 "as is documentation"

This interface is available with Version 5.1 of ActionWare400 (formerly

Because of the complexity of the activity structure, this interface is
conceptually different to the USR100 interface.  It does not give the degree
of control which the USR100 gives to the interface programmer.

The call to USR600 is immediately after the output operation for an activity
add or change, and immediately before for a delete.  The user program can in
no way influence the action, or report back errors or whatever, it is simply
informed of what is happening.  It is passed the id of the activity (field
TRAID), and some other basic information (see the parameter list below), and
enough information for it to work out what the TM/400 user was doing. No
other record information is made available. If it needs data, it has to read
it from a logical, say TRAN41.  It may also need to access earlier versions
of the record in the archive file ACTH.

ActionWare400 determines on the first call (to each program in the list
below) if the USR600 program exists or not, so subsequent calls are not made.
This logic is identical to that in USR100.

It is not expected that the user program will make changes to the activity
file as a result of the interface call, but instead would use the information
to inform their own application of what TM/400 has just done.  Any change
made to any ActionWare400 file by any external process, whether it originates
from any TM/400 interface or is completely independent of TM/400, is outside
of the scope of our standard support agreement.

As with any external interface exit, Appintec does not undertake to maintain
compatibility with this interface in subsequent releases of the product.
Appintec will endeavor to do so, but if in future changes to this interface
are deemed to be necessary, Appintec will attempt to implement those changes
according to AS/400 standard practices for such interfaces as defined by IBM.

If your user exit requirement is to create activities as a result of a user
action, please refer to the Activity API document for more information.
Activities should not be created or added to ActionWare except by using the
Activity API.  This document may be requested from the ActionWare Support
Desk or from your Account Manager.


A demonstration of the USR600 facility can be achieved by compiling display
file USR600FM and CL program USR600 from ActionWare400 version 5.1 or later
library TM4/QMODSRC (not TM4L) into your database library, normally this will
be library TM4L.

This test program can also be very useful to a programmer developing their
own USR600 program. It provides an easy way to see what data is provided
under what circumstances.

When finished the demonstration or test, simply delete program USR600 from
the database library.



 All parameters are input only parameters to program USR600.

 1.   11,0      AID of the activity involved.
 2.    3,0      Version of the activity involved.
 3.    1,A      Return code, not currently used.
 4.   10,A      Name of program issuing the call.
 5.    1,A      Action being taken. A=add new record, C=change existing
                record, D=delete. (Records can be deleted by the UNDO
 6.    1,A      Action qualifier, a sequential letter A, B, C, etc which is
                unique within a given program to identify the exact
                ActionWare400 function being performed,
 7.    1,A      Internal reserved field, do not use or change.
 8.    1,A      Internal reserved field, do not use or change.
 9.    1,A      Internal reserved field, do not use or change.



 AM340 *   Main Activity Add & change windows, small & large.
 AM341 *   Work with related activities.
 AM347 *   Retrieve next/prior activity from message list. Message List,
           status change only.
 AM348 *   Change activity PID/SID after contact record change.
 AM350 *   Automatic add/change after phone, wordprocessing, fax functions.
 AM352 *   Add activity API
 AM433 *   Message List, status change only.
 AM452 *   Work with linked group window.
 AM456 *   Campaign Management Activity Change.
 AM459 *   Campaign Management Mass Mail Generation.


Last Updated:  May, 1996